Game introduction. Turn on the music to hear the "advise computer" voice.

After a game ends, an introduction starts up. If the game's music is turned on, you will hear the computer voice read the text. Here is what it says:

Welcome to the deep - big underwater adventure

You are standing inside the most perfect submarine in the world

It will help you discover a mysterious world full of excitement and danger. Let's see what we have here.

Oh and don't even try to flirt with me. I'm just the advise computer system. Good luck

(at the observatory) Here you can get the access code for the special mission

There are four access codes - green, blue, yellow, red

Each mission consists of three stages - one, two, three

Follow the checkpoint to pass to the next stage

(at Deep Dockyard) Here you can find a deep dockyard for some repair-works, for fueling your submarine, and for having rest But don't lose control - it's just the beginning

In order to reach the sunken boat you must find the way to switch off the whirlpool

(at the Treasure Chest) This object might already have attracted your attention. . . the only thing I can say is that your submarine must have enough power to solve this problem Good luck

(at the Shark Hunt) Here you have the chance to chase one of the most dangerous creatures of the world - show your experience in underwater hunting

(at Adventure Cave) Surely the unknown always attracts adventurers like you. If you find the way to this ruined tunnel, you sure will become richer

Please remember - you are not alone in this abyss. Maybe someone is taking your treasures at the moment

I wish you luck. See you in the deep

There is also a map guide which looks like this:

Pinball the deep guide

This guide is available under Guide. Click on the magnifying lens at the right of this text and then "Full resolution" to see the picture at full size (some browsers will fit the picture to your screen, so you may have to click the picture to see it at full resolution).